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We have over 30 years Cleaning & support services experience and an IMPRESSIVE reputation.

Health & Safety

Impressive Cleaning fully understands the importance of Health & Safety within the workplace and constantly work to improve on putting this into easy to understand user friendly documents. We make H & S dynamic by the use of constant training and assessments. We are committed to making the workplace an incident free place.
Impressive Cleaning & Support Services understands everyone has a different budget and so we have made things easy for customers to get a transparent customisable price that's a win win for everyone.

What sets us apart?

Our customers would say customer service and quality. I guess they all say that so I guess just give us a call and find out for yourself. We cover almost all cleaning & support services including estate management.

Surely its better to go in house I hear you say. Well think about it this way you may be paying for someone to work a 40 hour week plus sicknesses and holidays not to mention employee contributions and uniform and well as you know the list goes on. But with us you just pay the hours worked at a set rate or per job price.
So no more personnel or wages management or disciplinaries as we will take care of everything. We can give you references of where we Tupe'd over staff and the huge savings that then followed.

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