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Window Cleaning

Reach & Wash Cradle, Abseiling

Office Cleaning

We pride ourselves on beautifying London one desk at a time. Please contact our team at the contact us button for a free quote. Then one of our team will visit your premises to see how we can improve standards and maybe lower the cost of cleaning. We will be looking at a tailored service that truly id the best value for your company. All our staff are diploma trained in customer service so as to put the customer first. All cleaners will be inducted in health & Safety. They are hand picked to be very friendly and proactive. We only take on good attitudes with happy dispositions.

Carpet Cleaning

Water extraction

Impressive have been cleaning carpets for over 30 years. And its the knowledge gained in this time that helps us to save you time and money.
Carpets are a vertical surface and most dirt will fall within the first 4-6 foot steps from an hard surface. Therefore, We will design a tailored traffic lane map and maintenance program that will keep your carpets looking their best at all times while being much more economical. If your carpets aren't kept clean then the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) will start to effect the health of those staff working in that office area. Its also worth mentioning that carpets UGLY out before they WARE out. That means if they are not regularly maintained/ cleaned then the dirt will start to die the carpet either through light bleaching or ware and tear.
Its our belief that if the client is kept happy then thats a client we will keep.

Power Washing

Abseiling/ Latchway systems

Abseiling & Latchway eyebolt installation/ servicing

With many years of Abseiling behind us and many approved contracting companies give us leverage to give great economical solutions to abseiling needs. It could be that you need a new latchway system or new eyebolts. You may be looking to have your bolts and systems certificated or scaf tagged and someone that keeps a record of when these run out and notifies you so you don't have to worry. Well thats we we excel. Just give us a call on 0800 4488 700 and speak to one of our friendly team.
We will provide you with a full Health & Safety suit of docs for your legal records.

Painting Repairs Maintenance

Whether its an individual, Residential block or commercial premises we at Impressive will give you care unlike any other service out there. We pride ourselves on this care and take responsibility for what we do. The whole process from the initial contact to signing off the job will be an enjoyable one. We give attention to detail in everything we do. All environmental and Health & safety concerns are always at the top of our list and we take every concern you have into account in order to taylor a complete service that ticks all the boxes. If we say the job will be done by Friday then that's what we will do baring some exceptional circumstance.